Forged Spring Steel Spoon

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Forged Spring Steel Spoons

Hand-Crafted, Heat Treated, & Polished
Guaranteed not to Break

Forged Spring Steel Spoon

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One of the finest finishing tools ever designed is the spring steel spoon.

In the 1930s Pexto and Fairmount made heavier models with wide faces. This one was designed by Kent White and Gene Halvorson, working together at Harrah's Auto Collection in 1974.

Widely known for its precise balance, wide variety of uses, and exceptional durability, this tool is often the last one touching a polished aluminum part in the Tin Man's shop.

Made of 5160 spring steel, which is hand forged by a prominent American blacksmith, these tools are individually hand-crafted, heat treated, and polished. Guaranteed not to break.


When striking directly on thin or polished sheet (see photos #1 and #3), while backing up with another contoured tool ( dolly , spike , etc.), the spoon will provide an accurate contoured surface.

Using a hammer to strike the spoon, thereby working the panel indirectly, enables the contours to be manipulated without leaving hammer marks.

Instead of using a pick hammer, or a heavy, bulky, unwieldy "BULLSEYE PICK", the finesse way of picking up small details is by using the spoon (or the slapper ) in combination with the corner of a dolly or with the Marlin spike (see photo #2).

Since hand planishing welds and rough areas can often stretch the metal, the spoon might be considered as a shrinking tool. Kent teaches hand shrinking with the spoon and other tools in his workshops.

Below are photos of using the Forged Spring Steel Spoon

I used the head of the spike in conjunction with the  spoon- like this- to level up and planish out this Gray & Davis headlamp.

Ever so rarely will I need to "pick" up a tiny low spot, and rather than banging around with something heavy and clumsy, I use the spike like this. Very accurate method uses inertia to lift up those teensies- a method used by some pretty sophisticated metalmen, I might add.

The curvature of the spoon matches the reverse of this dragster cowl pretty doggoned well. It looks like Tom Hannah should have this restoration done pretty soon. The aluminum is 3003 .063" half-hard.

“Best tools in the box: the range of your spring steel slappers and spoon. Excellent for lock shrinking (like ruffle and trap) on a flat panel too, and then for extreme shrinks, and for final finishing – the spoon. Thank you Kent!

P.S. I have been shrinking the alloy boot for the Mercedes 300SL Roadster. It had been attacked with a pick hammer! I went around it three times pushing it all back and the gaps came back and I was able to remove a spacer under the hinge. The spring steel slapper and spoon are a must here for saving this panel.”
— Simon Leach, So. Cal. (Senior metal man)

TM Technologies takes pride in knowing we offer the best products on the market for metal working. In an effort to continue this tradition we are constantly improving our products and our product line. If you have any comments or suggestions, about this, or any of our other products we want to hear from you.

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