Air Hammer Operations DVD

Air Hammer Operations DVD

Color, 120 min.

Air Hammer Operations

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People automatically think of a "Planishing Hammer" when someone mentions an "Air Hammer." But a planishing hammer is designed for finishing and smoothing, right? What about shaping and forming operations that need really heavy hammering, and not just light hammering? Heavy shaping operations need a shaping hammer. Heavy shrinking operations need a shrinking hammer. Industry tends to call the heavy electric hammers used on sheet metal, "Power Hammers." But we have designed a hammer that does these heavy forming operations using air, so what to call it? Air Power Hammer? Air Hammer? It certainly does far more than a "planishing hammer," as you will see in this film.

This new film challenges the craftsman by showing how our Air Hammer shrinks 16 ga. steel with one set of dies, and then shrinks heavy aluminum and copper - even 1/8 thick copper - with a different set of dies.

You will see rapid stretching methods for making compound curves and also reverses using several different sets of dies. Additionally, we show in detail how to curve flanges for wired edges and windscreen frames.

Oh yes, the "Planishing Hammer" capability is also demonstrated.

Also included is a step-by-step sequence showing the complete process of making wing root fairings (extreme reverse shapes) for the polished Hughes H1 airplane replica constructed in Oregon.

The Air Hammer will truly open your eyes and show you how to make more shapes in more metals than you might think possible. And it does amazingly well making repairs on damaged parts.

Air Hammer Operations, 120 minutes, digitally filmed and edited.

Images from this videos slide show are shown below.

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