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Workshop frequently asked questions

Are the classes the same on all days?
Class is very different each day. Each is a stand-alone intensive in one discipline (stretching, shrinking, gas welding, air hammer, wheel, planishing and finishing, or making parts).

Is there a standard curriculum?
Yes and no. Although each day covers specific topics, each program is customized to the skill level of the participants and their unique interests. Because the class size is small, flexibility and personal attention is the rule. Training is based on the needs and skills of the attendees, not a set curriculum.

How do you determine or skill levels and interests?
You will receive a two-page Questionnaire about your metalworking background and/or experience, along with questions regarding your areas of interest and exactly which things you hope to learn in class. We ask that you return your Questionnaire as soon as possible as Kent reads each carefully and modifies lectures, demonstrations, and/or class projects based on the interests and skill level of the students in that particular workshop. For this reason course content can vary. We’ve had many people attend our 4-Day Intensive more than once and comment that the material covered was different each time because the interests of the groups were so different. You can also call and speak to Kent about the workshop content or your areas of interest if you want to be certain that a course will meet your needs.

Are all classes taught by TM Founder, Kent White?
Kent is our primary instructor. However, he sometimes co-teaches with other carefully chosen and highly experienced metal shapers. Having an additional instructor allows each student to get more individual hands-on attention.

Can I attend individual days, or must I attend the entire workshop?
Because each day is a stand-alone intensive in one discipline, it is possible to attend only specific days. For example, our 4-Day Intensive always includes a full day on gas welding. We occasionally get a student who would like to attend just the gas welding segment but not the rest of the class. We’ve also had people who really wanted to attend a class, but could only come for two or three days of the four-day course. Although priority is always given to those registering for all days of a workshop, we do allow individuals to attend a single day or two if space permits. Please contact us for more information.

How large are the classes?
Classes are usually held to a maximum of 8 participants because they are so hands-on. Typically classes have 4-8 students. More advanced courses are sometimes held to 4-6 students so that Kent can spend more time coaching and working on complex projects attendees bring along.

I'm just a beginner. How much experience do I need?
Basic metalworking skills are useful, but sincere interest and a desire to learn are far more important than skill level. Beginners are welcome, and we get them often.

Air Power Planishing Hammer Workshop Kent White

I know Kent's background is primarily in automotive and aviation restoration, but I'm doing motorcycles (sculpture, architectural work, etc.). Will his workshops cover what I need to learn?
Kent also has experience with sculpture, art metal, vintage & classic motorcycles, furniture design and construction, and musical instrument repair. He makes sure that the techniques you will learn will be applicable to almost any metalworking project. The tools and methods can be broadly applied.

What materials do you provide with the workshops?
Some of our workshops have prep materials that may include printed articles or DVDs. Kent requests that you read these articles and watch these DVDs prior to the start of class so that all students are starting with the same point of reference.

Can I bring my own project to work on?
YES! Projects are popular and can be a wonderful teaching aid. You are encouraged to bring a project of interest to you to be worked on during the course, and any burning metal working questions that you'd like to have answered.

What type of supplies do I need to bring?
If you have a few favorite hand tools (i.e. a hammer or two, mallet, slapper, dolly, file, snips, TM welding lenses, hearing protection) you are more than welcome to bring them, but your own tools are not required. We have a large stock of all of these items. If you are attending one of our off-site courses, you may receive a short list of items you’ll need to bring.

Are TM tools available for sale during the classes?
Yes, we have a complete stock of hand tools, welding supplies, and forming equipment in our inventory room.

Do I receive a discount on TM products during the workshop?
Yes, all TM Workshop attendees receive a 10% discount on most of our tools and equipment during the workshop and for up to 30 days following the workshop. (Please note some exclusions apply. For instance Kits that have already been discounted are not discounted further. We will provide you with a short list of items that are exempted from discounts in your prep packet.)

How do I reserve a place or register?
Contact us so we can determine that the course you are interested in attending has space available, and if that course is the best fit for your skill level. You can read more about Workshop Registration.

What is your cancellation policy?
Our cancellation policy is outlined here.

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