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Kent White has written articles for several publications, including Sport Aviation, Experimenter, Automotive Body Repair News, and others. Below are some of these articles, and some previously unpublished ones.

Fun Articles & How-to's:

Ferrari Built from 12 Photos
Extraordinary photos and story of Kent building a historic Ferrari racer from photos.

Welding, Brazing, and Soldering with the Oxy-acetylene torch

Aircraft Wheelpants
How to construct a nice pair.

"Fairing" or Saddle Dies

How to Make a Copper Bowl

Formation of a Copper Lotus Finial

Making Curved Copper Flashings

Shrinking Metal - Do’s & Don’ts

TIG vs Torch

Meco Torch Maintenance

Making A Copper Finial

How to Repair a Gong

Silver Mirror Restoration

Hatz Nosebowl

Welding aluminum with oxy-propane

How to Smooth Wavy Metal with Spring Steel Slappers

Metal Work with the TM Technologies Air Power Hammer:

Sky Wall, San Antonio, TX

Hammered Copper Bell

Ferrari 250TR Restoration

Making an Airplane Wing Tip

Repairing a Damaged Wing Root Fairing

Miscellaneous Jobs Done with the TM Technologies Air Power Hammer

Stearman Airplane Spinner Repair

Making Nacelle Lip Skins for the Hawker-Beech XP400, using the TM Tech Air Power Hammer

U-2 Forward Fuselage Skins

Safety Articles:

The Brew Dude got gassed.
He was using the TIG and brake solvent. He got a major whiff of phosgene gas. Nasty stuff. No, the O/A does not give that problem. BUT this is why I recommend using 70% alcohol as a cleaning solvent.

Published Articles:

Making the Cut
from Sport Aviation, June 2003

Getting the Scoop
from Sport Aviation, February 2003

Tanks a Lot!
from Sport Aviation, November 2002

Forming Wing Ribs
from Sport Aviation, February 2002

Jim Wright's Hughes H-1 Racer Update
from Sport Aviation, August 2002

The Fine Art of Metal Shaping
from Experimenter Magazine, March 1999

The Fine Art of Metal Shaping Continued
from Experimenter Magazine, April 1999

The Family of Aircraft Aluminum Alloys
from Sport Aviation, September 1999

The Family of Aircraft Aluminum Alloys Continued
from Sport Aviation, November 1999

Aluminum Welding: Using Oxy-Fuel Welding on Aircraft Aluminum Sheet
from Experimenter Magazine, April 1996

Replacing Old Door Skins
from Custom Planes, September 1999

The History of Automotive Aluminum
from Automotive Body Repair News, January 1995

Repairing Aluminum: Straightening Damaged Parts
from Automotive Body Repair News, May 1995

Welding Aluminum Body Sheet
from Automotive Body Repair News, December 1995