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Are you interested in learning metalworking while receiving hands-on instruction?

Metalworking Solutions Workshop Kent White

Would you like to receive individualized coaching from one of the best-known metalworking instructors in the country? If this appeals to you, we have workshops that can't be beat.

We offer trainings and consultations for:

  • Commercial & Private Aviation
  • Automotive Professionals
  • Art Metal & Sculpture
  • Homebuilders
  • Hobbyists

Workshop Locations
Most workshops are conducted at Kent White’s production metal shop in the pine- and oak-covered foothills outside the historic gold-rush town of Nevada City, California. However, we do hold one or two workshops each year at other locations. We can also can hold a workshop at your location if required.

Class size & equipment
Our Nevada City workshops are typically limited to 8 students plus 1-2 instructors (depending on the class). Our shop/classroom typically contains three or more Air Power Hammers, three English Wheels, one Pullmax, and four welding stations, and a large assortment of hand tools. We supply all the materials and supplies needed for your class. Please contact us if you would like additional information.

We have 29 years of public and private hands-on metalworking instruction behind us.

Metalworking Solutions Workshop Kent White

We started our off-site instructional courses in 1995, when we were invited to do a 3-Day training program for the top mechanics and instructors at Delta Airlines TechOps in Atlanta, GA on making 747 cargo skins (photo above). More info & photos on the Delta workshop

Over the past two decades we have provided public and private trainings and consultations for dozens of companies, organizations, and craftsmen, including:

Air Metal Fabricators
Air Venture (Oshkosh)
Aviation North Expo
BFGoodrich Aerospace
Columbia Helicopters
Delta Airlines TechOps
Edwards Air Force Base
Fantasy of Flight Museum
Federal Express
Flyboys AeroWorks 
Golden West
Harley Davidson
Kampel Aviation
MetalMorphosis Studios
Northwest Airlines
Northwest Fly-in
Red Bull Air Racing
Sierra Industries
Sun n’ Fun
Team MacPherson
United Airlines
UPS Air Cargo
Vintage Car Works
Walker Knives
Weeks Aircraft
… and many more

Our students have included many aviation and automotive instructors (sometimes as many as five in one workshop!). Over the years Kent sought feedback from many of these instructors on ways to further refine his teaching methods and course content. As a result, TM Technologies workshops have become highly regarded among technical schools and colleges around the U.S. Along the way Kent also became a certified Boeing sheet metal instructor.


I attended your Metalworking Intensive and bought a Meco torch from you at that time. I hadn't had the chance to use it much since completing the class until last week when it really saved the day.

My neighbor repairs cars and managed to drop a cast aluminum automatic transmission from an Acura Integra onto the concrete, putting several cracks and a puncture wound in the lower case. He couldn't find one in a junkyard so he called the Acura dealer to find out what a replacement case would cost. The parts guy just said, "you don't want to know.”

Anyway, since the transmission was basically scrap I thought I'd first try and repair it using my $$$ Miller Dynasty TIG; because I had more time in using a TIG machine than the Meco. The problem with the TIG however, was that the transmission fluid would be drawn from inside the transmission into the weld and contaminate it.

Soooo… out comes the Meco, your flux, and some 4043 TIG rod. 30 minutes later it looks absolutely perfect (yes, I did a little grinding since I'm not as good as you). Better yet – NO leaks, which is a challenge with TIG in perfect condition as you already know. I guess word travels fast because I've had two other people call me with cracked aluminum transmissions that no one else seems to be able to weld up without a complete teardown and steam clean.

Anyway, none of this could have happened without your great class and proven tools. Thanks again."

Alex Baker

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