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Hands-On Workshops
21 Years of Public and Private Metal Instruction.

We started our Instructional courses in 1995, when we were invited to do a 3-Day training at Delta Airlines in Atlanta, GA. Delta brought in their top instructors and mechanics from all over the US to learn to make 747 cargo door skins using the English Wheel (Wheeling machine). For three days I teamed these men in alternating pairs, and competed them against each other to make these skins. In the end they had one complete skin - which was immediately installed by the waiting line mechanics, and we also had two more skins that only needed finishing touches. The completion times went from 2.5 hours to make one skin to just 45 minutes after making their first 4 skins. Time savings over waiting 90 days for manufacturer backorders along with financial savings on parts made this 3-Day Training a very good decision for them. And the men told me they were very pleased with both the instruction and the additional experience. – Kent     See photos below.

P.S. During this Training I was aware of many different people watching the class at different times. At the end of the course I asked what that was all about and was told that many retired guys came in to watch the first-ever outside contractor Delta had ever hired, since at that time they could still make a complete DC3 from scratch.

Over the past 20 years we have provided on-site trainings and consultations for many companies, and have had many companies send their craftsmen to us for trainings:

Delta Airlines (DAL)
AMF, Air Metal Fabricators
Harley Davidson
Weeks Aircraft
BF Goodrich Aerospace (Rohr)
United Airlines
Northwest Airlines
UPS Air Cargo
Federal Express
Kampel Aviation
Red Bull Air Racing
Walker Knives
Sierra Industries/ Southwest Aerospace Technologies
Columbia Helicopters
Edwards Air Force Base
Beale Air Force Base
Vintage Car Works
Team MacPherson
Flyboys AeroWorks  (and more I can’t remember)

Among our students over the years have been many aviation and automotive instructors, with sometimes as many as five in one workshop. Because Kent asks for feedback and because he uses the feedback he receives, the TM Technologies workshops have become highly regarded among technical schools and colleges around the US. And somehow along the way Kent also became a certified Boeing sheet metal instructor.

Are you interested in learning more about metal forming, and receiving individual attention and hands-on instruction?Would you like to spend a couple of days in a production metalworking shop in the pine and oak covered foothills of California's beautiful Sierra Nevadas? If this appeals to you, we have workshops that can't be beat. Most workshops are conducted at Kent's shop outside the historic gold-rush town of Nevada City, California. Workshops can also be scheduled at your facility.

Hands-On Metalworking Workshops by TM Technologies
We offer trainings and consultations for:
• Commercial & Private Aviation
• Automotive Professionals
• Art Metal & Sculpture
• Homebuilders
• Hobbyists

Workshop Equipment
Expanded facility with more machines to serve the student. Current workshops have three Air Hammers, three Wheels, one Pullmax, and five welding stations. E-mail us or call (530) 292-3506 for more information.

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3-Day training at Delta Airlines in Atlanta, GA in 1995

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