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  • Sky Wall

    Machine set-up

    Kent sets up one of the two Air Power Hammers that will be used for the Sky Wall job, September 2013. All aluminum shaping will be done using these air power hammers (planishing hammers are not capable of the shaping required). Special hammer dies were custom made for this job.

  • Kent and George plan the best approach


    Kent and George plan the best approach for the style, fit, and finish.

  • Kent and George plan the best approach

    Details and fit

    Working out all the details is very important as this sheet metal shaping job is huge.

  • George takes the Air Power Hammer from there

    Shaping begins

    George starts shaping his first panels with the Air Power Hammer. He will do all of the aluminum sheet metal shaping for this job, and the job will be accomplished with just two benchtop Hammers.

  • The maquette master

    The maquette

    This maquette master was used to earn this Commission. The aluminum sheet must be shaped to match the maquette very accurately.

  • compound metal contours

    Compound contours

    These compound metal contours are on a very large scale. This is months of hammering.

  • Cleco spring fasteners


    Cleco spring fasteners are used to hold the panels until the permanent flush rivets are installed.

  • 3 dimensional Form

    The grid

    The grid provides the 3-dimensional form to be followed, and it is also the permanent physical structure of the entire piece.

  • Full size perspective

    Full size perspective

  • This wall will be covered completely with hammered aluminum sheet

    Nearly half covered

    Remember the maquette in the beginning? This wall will be covered completely with hammered aluminum sheet to match the maquette.

  • The full Sky Wall is now installed

    Finished Sky Wall installed

    The finished Sky Wall is installed at the Hospital, March 2014. The Aluminum sheet is .050” 5052 and has a satin finish. There are 180 shaped aluminum squares that are riveted to the grid structure. There was no need for a Pullmax or an English Wheel because of the speed and accuracy of the TM Technologies Air Power Hammer.


Excellent presentation and description. I am going to link it to my website also. I could not have done the project without you and your wonderful air hammer invention.


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