Roughing, Planishing and Metal Finishing Workshop

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Fitting Welding Planishing Finishing Workshop Kent White

Roughing, Planishing and Metal Finishing Workshop

This workshop is for auto, aircraft, motorcycle and art metal enthusiasts that wish to dive into metal shaping and finishing techniques in greater detail.

Day 1 – Roughing

We begin with roughing in the shape with shrinking and stretching, using hand tools and machines. Hand tools will include mallets, hammers, shot bags, stumps, stakes, and anvils. Air Power Hammers, Pullmax, kick shrinkers, and power shrinkers will be used and discussed in class.

Day 2 – Planishing

After your panels have been shaped, we will practice smoothing and planishing using hammers, slappers and spoons. Since hems, flares, and wired edges are frequently added to panels, planishing and metal finishing are veryimportant techniques to master and will be demonstrated in detail and then practiced.

Day 3 – Metal finishing

Check filing and sanding methods are shown, discussed, and practiced, bringing the work to its final quality level, and finished work to completion.

Day 4 – Wheeling Details (optional add-on day)

This day will focus on the English Wheel which will cover setup and adjustments, and techniques for working the metal for shaping and planishing. Will include shrinking on the Wheel.

Cost: $1,200. for 3-day course. $400 for optional add-on day. Price includes all materials, supplies, plus breakfast and lunch

Pre-req: A solid understanding of metalworking fundamentals and some basic shop experience. Metalworking Fundamentals, or The 4-Day Metalworking Intensive, are useful but not required. Consider bringing a project if you are working on one.

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