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TrembleX® Anti-Vibration Gloves

TrembleX Anti-Vibration Gloves - Size M

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SPS-0201-M $38.00

TrembleX Anti-Vibration Gloves - Size L

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SPS-0201-L $38.00

TrembleX Anti-Vibration Gloves - Size XL

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SPS-0201-XL $38.00

Working with impact and power tools takes a toll on your hands, as vibrations from tools can cause hand fatigue and, over time, injury. The TrembleX features Cestus-specific vibration absorption technology that prevents vibrations from coming into contact with the hand to prevent fatigue or injury.

The TrembleX has a one-piece palm with Cestus-specific Hexagonal Memory Gel® pods in high-impact areas that absorb vibrations fully. The Hexagonal Memory Gel® also extends around the forefinger, saddle and thumb for vibration absorption in areas that come in contact with tools when being held. Silicone grip has been added on top of the anti-vibration pods, as well as between each pod, for added gripping power.

Note from Kent:

“These Tremblex gloves have been my “go-to” hand gear for months now. I ordered a box full of different anti-vibration gloves from across industries, specifically for use with the Air Power Hammer because my hands were taking a beating on some hard-metal jobs. I tried many different gloves for months, and I found that the Tremblex gave best vibration dampening, best cut and abrasion resistance, and best non-slip grip. If anything else was important I did not notice. And I passed the box off to other metalmen using the Air Power Hammer, and they all agreed and ordered them.”

TM Technologies takes pride in knowing we offer the best products on the market for metal working. In an effort to continue this tradition we are constantly improving our products and our product line. If you have any comments or suggestions, about this, or any of our other products we want to hear from you.

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