Making Curved Copper Flashings Part 2

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Air Hammer

For each complete arch there will be one angle with the flange facing into the arch, and one with the flange facing out.

Then one flat arched piece will be made wide enough to cover the face of the building to a satisfactory amount, in this case 3".

Air HammerClose Up

The three pieces are then soldered together, adjusted, cleaned, and sanded smooth, eliminating any tool marks.

The "A" dimension is 3/8" (the visible lip over the window or door trim), "B" is 1 1/4" (the amount the lip stands off of the building face), and the "C" dimension is 3", and is the flange laying flat on the building face.

Flashings Flashings

The diameters of the arches were 2 at 25.5", and one at 38.75".

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