Lancaster Shrinker-Stretcher Modified Jaws/Stretcher

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Lancaster Shrinker-Stretcher Modified Jaws/Stretcher

Made in USA - Exclusively by TM Technologies

Stipple-Finish Jaws - Shrinking

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HTS-0242 $88.00

Stipple-Finish Jaws - Stretching

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HTS-0243 $88.00

We have modified the shrinking and stretching jaws for the Lancaster to leave only sandpaper-like marks. No more deep lines! Brand new jaws are stippled with a carbide welding process to leave marks that nearly equal 180 grit sandpaper grains, eliminating stress risers and potential cracks from your nice parts. In the photo above, our new jaws are on the top and the standard jaws are on the bottom.
New Jaws

Our new jaws are on the top and the standard jaws are on the bottom in this photo.

Std. Marks

Standard jaws leave these lines in the metal.

New Marks

Samples of the marks left from the NEW JAWS are shown on the left.

From the TOP:

  • 2024 T3
  • 3003 Half Hard
  • Soft Copper
  • 316 stainless

New Marks CU

The new jaws leave a sandpaper grit pattern equal to about 180 grit sandpaper.

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