Copper Gas Welding Supplies

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Copper Welding Rod

This De-oxidized rod can be used either with the TIG or with the Oxy-acetylene torch. We get perfect color matches and NO porosity using this rod, our special copper welding flux, and the humble O/A torch. 8 oz of 36" rod 3/16" diameter.

Copper Welding Rod

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CUS-0225 $8.00

Copper Gas Welding Flux

Welding copper with an Oxy-fuel torch may seem a little unusual, but it works very well. The trick is to have a really good flux that coats the rod and, when hot, flows out across the molten copper enough to prevent porosity. Brazing copper always leaves a color problem, so welding the copper is a solution to the color problem. Use with pure copper filler for best strength and color match. Once the weld is clean it may be hammered or rolled completely smooth, almost to a polish.

I bought some of your flux for copper gas welding.  Great stuff.  I was really surprised how well it worked.  Did some welding on 32 ounce and once I got a puddle started it was very easy.  Not sure why I never bought any before, but I have tried various other fluxes and none of them gave the flowing of the copper like yours does. Thanks for having a great flux.
— Warren

Copper Welding Flux (4 oz.)

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CUS-0226 $7.50

Copper Welding Flux (8 oz.)

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