Welding Tip Chart

Novak Tip Chart

Standard Meco Tip Sizes, in Wire Drill and Decimal

Victor Welding Tip Sizes

Harris Torch Welding Tip Operational Chart

"I never cared too much for Harris tips, and after seeing the above I understand why.  If I had one I would drill the 0 to drill #72, and 1 to drill #69 or 68. I now have Midget tips in the following and I think I have it about right for aircraft welding (of 4130 structural tubing) 0 drilled to #72, 1 as is, 1 drilled to #68, 2 as is, 3 as is"
--Dr. "JJ", builder of One Design.
(Dr. JJ also appeared in video 4130 Airframe Construction)