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Erco Machines and Parts

We sell factory-made ERCO jaws and parts. These include shrinking and stretching jaws for the 1447 kick shrinkers, as well as the 312 and 476 power shrinkers. - More Info -

Erco Shrinker Stretcher Rebuild Service

We rebuild jaws for the shrinker and stretcher machines. We use a variety of techniques to rework all of the surfaces and the moving parts so performance is brought back to new levels. Our turn-around times can be pretty fast. If your machine is not working well enough to accomplish your tasks then perhaps you need a rebuild. - More Info -


These new tags are exact copies of originals – same heavy brass, same etching, same paint colors. Add your own stamped model, serial number, inspector mark and date of manufacture. Furnished with stainless drive screws.

Dress up your machine to original appearance.

ERCO Serial No. Plate - Large

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SMS-0330 $125.00

ERCO Serial No. Plate - Small

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SMS-0331 $125.00

ERCO Name Plate

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SMS-0332 $125.00

ERCO Extreme Pressure Lubricant

Recommended by ERCO for lubricating jaw/pressure block surfaces. Apply every 8 hours in steady usage, and less frequently with less usage. Lack of lubrication will promote premature wear/galling/pitting on rubbing surfaces.

Extreme Pressure Lubricant – 4 oz. tube

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CMD-0304 $8.90