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Any specifics to look for in a leather shot bag for some REALLY basic practicing!?  We are restoring a WW II biplane and I want to do the metal work.

The Tin Man Respondeth:

Yes, the bag should made of carefully selected 4 oz.leather, and not Naugahyde or bargain leather. It should be square, as the square ones offer more area for the measure than the round, and the edges can be used for working radiused bends.

The round bags tend to leak sooner because the hammering pressure builds only on the one long seam, whereas the square bags allow the corners to absorb the hammering pressure as well.

The square bag is easier to hang on to when moving, important if it is large and filled with lead shot. The seams on our design are on only three sides, as the fourth is a fold, and the fold allows really heavy work in that spot without the worry of leaking a seam.

Finally, the TM Technologies design is the only one with a positive locking closure at one corner, which both allows re-filling when the bag stretches and loosens with use, and yet without opening and leaking during use, something Velcro will just never handle.

Our 3 designs have been in steady use since 1975.


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