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Kent, What do you recommend and why?  I've got a friend who has had both of his lens (eyes) replaced and I suspect his extensive welding was the cause.  Need to know what is the absolute best eye protection available.  My primary need will be 4130 aircraft fabrication!
Thanks, Tom Kennedy

The Tinman Respondeth:

Sir, Please read this long page of stuff and such to find out more about our welding lens:

TM 2000 High Accuracy Safety Eyewear
I know our product, but I cannot say that I absolutely know all others. For some things ours is the best. For 4130, many very good builders say that ours is the best. I use it for every kind of torch operation, and I have used it exclusively since 1990. Further, I do not wear corrective lenses of any kind. Can I make the world absolutely safe for your eyes, either with my product or with some other? No.

Kind regards,