FAQs - Meco Tips

I have a question or two for you - - - but first some FYI. I did buy the fluxer gismo I spoke to you about. It's a model 70 GasFluxer made by the GasFlux Company 32 Hawthorne Street, P.O.Box 1170 Elyria, Ohio 44035. It looks like something out of a WW2 German Submarine (after the sinking). The thing comes with all kind of warnings and notices. They say to clean out the check valve once a week with water and then a spritz of air. They also say nothing about the hoses and torch, but after my conversation with you, I believe they will also get contaminated.

Love the Meco torch I purchased from you, have started to use it quite a lot on my buddies Royale before the work on the Mallock gets going.

QUESTIONS: I have a N-1 and N-2 tip but would like more FIRE out of this bad little puppy. What direction should I go in tip size for more heat (fire). Does the Meco torch price include a set of hoses? What I'm thinking of doing, is get another Meco and use it as a dedicated rig for brazing. I would appreciate any comments you have. Thanks for your time, Scott.

The Tinman Respondeth:

Scott, Go up to tip size N3, or N4. Meco is cheap because of stripped down model: I.E. nada hoses included in cheapo price. Best to set up 2 rigs for contaminant prevention. Keep up the good work. ----Kent"