Meco Midget for Gas Welding FAQ

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You suggest using the Meco Midget for gas welding, is this torch large enough to weld the tubing and fittings required on a aircraft frame like the Skybolt and or Firebolt, if not which one would be the best for this application. One other question, when fitting the tubing together do you get a better fit using the tubing notcher i.e. OLD JOINT JIGGER or by grinding/filing. Please let me know when the video on the aircraft construction is complete and ready to ship.  

The Tinman Respondeth:

The 4130 film is nearly finished. the info is truly awesome. The J Jigger snacks up hole saw blades like a kid with potato chips. We saw, snip, and grind, and you can see the speed on the tape.
The Meco is the way to go: less popping than others, tips may be drilled to exact size for the joints, and the thing is light, easy on the hands, and cheap. OK?