MP-7 Must for Rust - Motorcycle Gas Tank

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I have a motorcycle gas tank has rust on the inside of it. It sounds like Must For Rust would work quite well for this situation. Would I be able to leave the product in the tank until it dries and then put gas in it as normal or would you recommend not doing that?


The Tinman Respondeth:

Fill tank with rust remover, soak for a few hours, and then dump. Rinse with water, dry and inspect. Add remover again if scaly rust remains, and add a piece of chain. Slosh contents to abrade scaly rust off. Dump, rinse, dry, and inspect. If good, fill with gas and go.

NOTE: MP7 was bought by another company and the name has changed to
Must For Rust , or MFR as we call it. It is still great, effective, easy.