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Kent: I was wondering about the MP-7 product you sell. I have a 36 Ford Coupe that I'm working on.
The previous owner stripped the car (some type of media blasting, but no warped metal) then left the car unprotected. So it now has surface rust all over it.
I've already replaced all the rotten metal with new and was wondering if the MP-7 product would take car of the surface rust. I do want to go through the trouble or the mess of blasting the body again.

Also the other products I've used (POR-15 Metal Ready) works well but I don't want to hose the body down with water (not to mention the mess in my shop).
I found your site from Street Rodder magazine "the Professor Hammer Column" and read about the MP-7 product of spray/wipe, scrub then spray/wipe then let dry. Which I assume would be a little less messy and even a little easier.

If MP-7 would work for my application, can you use body filler on the top of it? It states you can primer over it so I'm assuming body filler would work too.

The Tinman Respondeth:

Dear Sir, "Must For Rust" (MP7) is easy and effective, and will work well for you.
A light mist of wet spray will go to work in 10 minutes and later the excess may be wiped up.
I believe you will be very pleased as it will save you lots of heartache. The metal will not re-rust again even if left bare for a year, depending on climate. I have seen the POR peel off, and was greatly surprised by it because it apparently has a major reputation.
I have used plastic filler over this, but am very careful that no excess lingers and that the surface is smooth and well-prepped. Kent

NOTE: MP7 was bought by another company and the name has changed to
Must For Rust , or MFR as we call it. It is still great, effective, easy.