Standard Sheet Metal Flares

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Standard Sheet Metal Flares

16 Gauge Capacity - Made In USA

1/2" Standard Flare

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MTB-13-001 $45.00

5/8" Standard Flare

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MTB-13-002 $45.00

3/4" Standard Flare

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MTB-13-003 $45.00

1" Standard Flare

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MTB-13-004 $45.00

1-1/4" Standard Flar

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MTB-13-005 $45.00

1-1/2" Standard Flare

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MTB-13-006 $50.00

1-3/4" Standard Flare

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MTB-13-007 $50.00

2" Standard Flare

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MTB-13-008 $50.00

2-1/2" Standard Flare

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MTB-13-009 $50.00

1/2" to 2-1/2" Standard Flare Kit

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MTB-13-401 $350.00

If you are looking to save a few dollars and don’t mind a few extra steps in producing a flare, or if you require a flared hole smaller than what is offered by the traditional punch and flare tools, then this is what you are looking for. These will take your pre-drilled hole and add a flare to it to make the panel more rigid. The profile of the flare is considered an automotive style, which means it has a smooth radiused, 1/4” deep flare at a 90° angle to the panel. Please see the comparison chart below for better understanding. Will work in up to 16 gauge cold rolled steel while only adding an additional 1/8” to the overall hole diameter. Sizes range from 1/2" to 2-1/2", giving you a smaller range than what is available in the Punch & Flare Sets. Anti-friction bearings are not included but are recommended. These can be used with a hydraulic or manual bench press. If you require a size that is not listed, please contact us to have one custom made to your specifications.

Comparison of Automotive Style Flare vs. Aviation Style Flare
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Punch & Flare Compare
The video below shows the Automotive Punch and Flare tool being used on 16 gauge cold rolled steel with the help of a hydraulic bench press and optional spring loaded center pin. If you are using the tool manually you will need to pre drill a pilot hole on center for where the gauge will be mounted. This hole is for the draw bolt. Set one half of the tool on the back side of the panel with the draw bolt going thru the hole, Apply the second half of the tool over the draw bolt on the front of the panel and tighten the bolt.

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